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Puppies coming in the Fall of 2022


Originating in 2002 with the birth of AKC registered female Austria's Coccinelle (Rebel Rouser Bob X Honey Pie Burgess), Austria's Vizslas has fast become a Texas-based source for these well behaved, medium-sized short haired dogs.

Pronounced VEEZH-la (zh as in vision), these lively, yet well-mannered, dogs offer a demonstrated level of affection. Originally from Hungary, Vizslas are excellent hunting dogs and are known for having a level personality, making them extremely suitable for families with children.

The temperament of the Vizsla is a natural hunter endowed with a good nose and above average level of trainability. With a distinguished appearance, Vizsla’s typically have an attractive golden rust or brown color coat and are robust, yet lightly built, structured dogs. The head of the Vizsla is lean and muscular with the skull being widest between the ears with a median line down the forehead. Proportionately long with rounded ends, a Vizsla’s ears are thin, silky and set low hanging toward the chin. The jaw is strong with well developed teeth. The gait of a Vizsla is far reaching, allowing the canine graceful and smooth movement. A full grown Vizsla is typically between 21-24 inches with the female typically being on the smaller end of the scale.

At Austria's Vizslas we offer pups for sale with both limited and full registration.

Vizsla Pups from the 2011 Litter Playing ballVizsla PuppiesVizsla Pup from the 2007 Litter Playing Stick

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